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    I can't find my Purchase Order in the Document Manager app, what should I do?

    14582 25 Created on 2023-09-07 09:40:16; Last updated on 2023-11-15 11:08:07

     In order to find and process a purchase order, you need to access the Document Manager app.

     To access the Document Manager app, click on the app icon in the left sidebar. If the Document Manager app icon is not available in the sidebar, click on All apps and search for Document Manager. To have the app always readily accessible, click on the star icon to add it to your sidebar.

    In the Document Manager app, on the left side of the document list, you can find several filters. Use these filters to refine your search and get specific results. The set of available filters allows you to filter by status, document type issue date and more. The filters you select show up as tags on top of your document list. You can remove tags one by one by clicking on the tag's cross icon. You can also clear all the selected filters at once by clicking Clear all.

    To search for purchase orders, click on the Document Types filter and select Purchase Orders from the drop-down list. This will only display purchase orders in the document list, making it easier to search for the desired document.

    If you know the document number, you can also use the Search bar in the top left corner to search for your document.

    To open the document, click on the Document Number. This will open the purchase order and allow you to read the information.

    If you cannot find the purchase order in question using the above method, please reach out to your customer using their contact information. If you cannot find the customer's contact information, you can access their Landing Page in the Support Center app, under Landing Pages.

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