App Store

The App Store is where you can search for, activate and de-activate apps on Tradeshift.

The App Store

Apps are the building blocks of the Tradeshift environment and everything you do on the platform is through an app. In addition to the default apps that can be found on your account since the very beginning, such as the Create, Messages or Document M ...

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How to activate an app

Only admin users have the right to activate apps in the App Store. If you are a non-admin user, you need to contact your company administrator, request the app activation and await for the reply. You can do this entire process in the App Store. Here ...

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How to approve an app activation request

If you are a company administrator user, you receive app activation requests from the non-admin users from your company. When a non-admin user sends a request for app activation, you receive a notification in your Messages app, as well as an email no ...

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